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about 2 years ago

Fall Opportunity

Hey everyone! It's Daniel Wei, from ModHacks.
  First of all, I'd like to deeply thank you for coming to ModHacks, which occurred months ago. Without your participation, the event could not have been the massive success that it was for everyone.   A few words before we close up - you'll probably never hear from me again after this ;)
  If you're interested in more events from us, we actually have one coming up! However, this is a special hackathon - an entirely virtual, free, hackathon for middle schoolers. Unlike normal hackathons, we'll provide a greater emphasis on learning, by inviting industry professionals, teachers, and college students to host workshops throughout the event.   The event, SmartHacks, is taking place in about two weeks, from September 13th to 19th. If you have a sibling in middle school (grades 5-9) that wants to attend, just sign up on the website, at   That's all! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, and other feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Just reply to this email!   All the best,   Daniel Wei   Founder of TeenHacksHTX